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Turning up the colour in life

"Giving you the tools to fall in love with life"

I am often thinking about ways to describe what "well-being" coaching is. Quite rightly, those thinking about investing their time and money into taking that journey, kind of what to know what it is, so today I am going to take a little dive into that and explore what my take on it is.

A Journey of discovery

The best place to start is to probably explain to you why I am here and why the MindShed is here. Over the last decade, I have taken a journey of discovery, one that I share and help others on today. The journey to well-being. To be fair it is still ongoing, it is a journey that lasts a lifetime. Half way through the last decade, whilst I was on this journey, my stepfather who brought me up from the age of seven passed away. In his own way, in the last few weeks of his life, he gave me one of the biggest life lessons we can ever receive, one that spurred me on to re-train and was the impetus behind setting up the MindShed.

I take the words from the great Marcus Aurelius here

"It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live"

It is this life lesson that my stepfather passed on and what brings me here today writing this and helping others on this journey to well-being, taking those steps to fall deeply in love with life so that we may not get to the end and wonder where it has gone, rather get to the end and know deep in our hearts that it was a life well lived.

Turning up the colour

We could see well-being coaching as adjusting the colour settings on the TV, turning up the colour, adjusting it so that it is just right for you. I remember some years back, my life was devoid of colour, it was as if it had been turned off. This is the result of living life in autopilot mode.

It is about savouring all that is good in life, hunting the good stuff. It is about developing a mindful awareness of life, shedding judgements and creating positive emotions.

One area that we do a lot of work on is uncovering signature strengths. Our strengths are the very foundations of our well-being. How we use them in our life, with meaning and purpose can bring joy, flow and contentment.

It is also about developing resilience so that we can navigate the challenges of life. Like ying and yang, where there is light there is also darkness, we cannot deny that but we can learn ways to navigate those storms.

Ultimately it is about giving you the tools to fall in love with life

Work with me

If this resonates with you, there are several different ways to work with me....

Group Coaching

Monthly group sessions, covering a variety of different topics from Mindfulness meditation to developing those signature strengths. This is also open to those that have attended events and want that monthly well-being top up.

One to One coaching in the "Love your Life" program

Comprehensive deep dive, transformational coaching. You get me walking alongside you in YOUR journey to well being. 1 month up to 12 month programs available

Residential retreat

Want to combine coaching with some time away from busy life? Join our summer retreat in the stunning Cambrian Hills. Once a year, the Mindshed takes to the road and heads west for a 4 day residential retreat. Time out, time to breathe, time to fall in love with life.

Contact me on to arrange a free discovery call to learn more about this journey to well-being.

So I hope this gives you a little insight into what well-being coaching is and you've got to know me a little bit more also. You can hear and see more over on The MindShed facebook page, if you haven't checked that out yet, head on over

I post at least one live a week and different musings. We also have a super community in the MindShed Mastermind which is a private group for those that have been to events, workshops and or been through the coaching program.

Thanks for reading, I wish you a great week ahead.