Feel stuck in a rut and want to change?

Stuck, frozen, not sure which way to turn but have a deep sense that something needs to change? Does this resonate with you? Many of us have this underlying feeling of wanting to change and I want to tell you that you absolutely can!

I remember feeling exactly like this, waking up each day wondering what it was all about, spending most of it in autopilot. One day I woke up and said to myself this cannot carry on. I want to share with you here three steps you can take today to start moving forward again, to pull out of the rut and get back on that path, that exciting journey of life.

What is your why?

When you get really, really clear on what you are passionate about and what your values are it releases an energy and aliveness that will give you some momentum to move forward. Start by writing a list of what you value the most in life, is it friendship, authenticity, health, happiness etc etc. Now write down everything that you are passionate about, everything that gives you that spark, those things that make you smile when you see them. Keep that list by your bedside and read it every morning as you wake up. Align your goals with your values and passions to bring more fulfilment into your life.


True contentment and happiness is already here, it just gets covered over with life, our judgements, busyness and fatigue. Each evening try writing down three things that you were grateful for that day, it could be as simple as somebody opening a door for you or a smile from a stranger. Practice this attitude of gratitude each day and magic starts to happen, we start to feel just that bit lighter and happier.


What does that future ideal self look like? Take a little bit of time out each day to sit in quiet, close your eyes and visualize what your future ideal self looks like. Really get a clear picture in your minds eye, play the scene in your mind, what does it feel like. Hone in on this each day and it will become a reality.

These three steps can help you to see that there is choice and options and can put you back in touch with the beauty of life and your true life’s purpose.


Any Questions?