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Calling all those guys who want to show up in this world as your true authentic self.  I am on a mission to help you to discover again who you are, to explore what modern masculinity actually is, to be happier, comfortable in your own skin, more contented.  

Do you

  • Feel like you have to wear several masks and have lost touch with who you really are

  • Have lost touch with how to show up in this world as a strong, kind, happy go lucky guy who lights up the room.

  • Want to feel happier

  • Want to feel less dependent and have a sure footing in life

  • Want to have happier relationships with partners, family and friends

  • Want to find some space, some calm, a bit of stillness in the all the chaos.

If so, this programme is for you.  We work together over a 6-month period to change your life, to uncover again, your true authentic self.


  • We start by spending one whole day together, discussing, visioning and uncovering your journey for the next 6 months and beyond, letting the brakes off and kicking off this journey of discovery.

  • 5 x one to one 90 minute sessions throughout the programme to keep you on track, to give you time to step away and look clearly at life and your journey through the programme

  • Unlimited phone and email access during the whole programme.

Feel happier, more in control of your inner world, in touch with who you really are and comfortable in your own skin.

Investment - £1040