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Are you ready to take the brakes off, to step into your own authentic self and to wake up to the full potential of life?
This transformational 12-month coaching programme is for you if:

  • You are absolutely ready and willing to make some big changes in life

  • You are tired of living life on autopilot, worried that you will get to the end and wonder where it has all gone.

  • You are ready to feel vital, fully alive, free, contented and ready to discover again your true authentic self and true purpose in life

  • You have come through something and are now on the other side.  Perhaps it was the loss of somebody that was really significant in your life, the loss of a job, whatever it is life has been turned upside down and has turned right way up again but left you wondering who you are, where you are, and where you are going in life.

Often our life is far from linear, we get thrown many curve balls and we find ourselves standing at a crossroads wondering which way to turn.  Fear, stress, the stuff of life can freeze us, stopping us from moving forward.  I am guessing you are reading this because you are at a crossroads, a turning point, ready to figure this all out.

Is this you?

  • I seem to have everything I need in life but I still do not feel content.  Dissolution is a constant friend.

  • I can’t seem to find a moment’s peace, my mind is constantly on the go.

  • Life has given me some Lemons, I’m ready to make lemonade but not sure how to.

  • Oh gosh I want to change but feel stuck, I don’t know where to start.

  • I’m going through the motions but feel like something is missing in life

Whatever it is, whatever has brought you to this moment right now, reading this.  Just pause, let it sink in for a moment.  This is a big moment, one to cherish, this crossroad that you are at is a sign, a sign that can be utilised and embraced to bring forward a new pathway, a new journey.


What will the 12-month programme give me?

  • Discovering a life of joy, contentment, purpose and motivation

  • Taking control of your inner world to bring about clarity

  • Bring more positivity into your life, working with negative bias 

  • Developing a growth mindset

  • Working through step by step those life changes that are going to make you come alive again.

  • Get a 30,000ft view on life.  Overcoming overwhelm, see things clearly and take action.

  • Get optimistic about the future whilst having your feet firmly grounded in the present moment.

  • See the beauty in life again

  • Becoming your own best friend again, turning the inner critic into the inner coach.

  • Accessing stillness, peace and calm so that you can make some wise decisions about life without knee jerk reactions.

  • A whole life review and refresh, a positive impact on every area of your life.

  • 12 months of ongoing coaching, including 10 x one to one coaching sessions, 1 x one to one full day discovery day retreat.  Unlimited email and telephone support throughout the whole 12 months

Your investment for this year long, transformational signature programme - £3500